Frequently Asked Questions

CACEIS set up this collaborative platform to better exchange with its Customers, Employees, and Partners to accelerate innovation and to co-create its new products and services.
It is a creative approach initiated by CACEIS to improve its products and services or to invent new ones. Getting involved in these projects, Customers, Employees, and Partners can influence the future of products and services, so why don’t you say out loud what you would dream to use?
When will the results be announced? The results of collaborative projects are generally announced a few weeks after the end of the project. They will be published on the blog of the CACEIS Innovation Lab and be featured on the “Community” page. An email would also be sent to the winners when an endowment is involved.
- To join in a project, you have to create an account on the website “CACEIS Innovation Lab” first. - Choose on the home page the project you want to take part in. - Read the project presentation and the participation conditions. Please have in mind that there is some moderation of all content related to the challenge. If you do not respect the rules, your contribution will be deleted. - If you want to add some files from your computer to illustrate your ideas: first enter your idea then click on “attached document” (only JPG/JPEG/TIFF/PNG/GIF are accepted). - Do not forget to answer the survey to gain points.
We separate internal projects and clients projects. One you are subscribed on our platform, you can join in accessible projects according to your community (employee or client).
Some campaigns can comprise prizes, some others don't. Each of your actions make you earn points. Reaching a certain level of points make you participate automatically in a random draw to win a prize corresponding to this level. Thereby, the most active contributors and the most relevant ones are rewarded for their participation. The prizes vary for each project.
Generally (not contractual) each action on a project (campaign) gives you points according to a scale: Subscription to a project: 10 points Idea post: 20 points Answer to a survey question: 5 points Like receiving: 5 points Comment on an idea: 10 points Comment receiving: 15 points Like on an idea or a comment: 1 point